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    Torrance Expansive Soils Area Information

    Torrance Expansive Soils Area Information
    *Includes First Hand Experience You Can’t Find Online*

    The Torrance Expansive Soils Area is located in two areas of Torrance: North and South. See the link below to see the boundaries of these areas. They are called the Soils Areas because they were built on low lying regions and flood plains. The primary soil in these areas are comprised of clay. Clay is sensitive to moisture as it will expand as it absorbs water and it will shrink as water is drawn away.

    Frank Kenny grew up and still lives in the Torrance Soils Area… Phone Number Below!

    There are many links you can learn from regarding Expansive Soil Area that you will find below. However, if you want to know first hand experience from someone who has grown up in the in Expansive Soil Area in Torrance, Frank Kenny is your guy.

    Frank grew up and still lives in the soil area.He sells most of the homes in the neighborhood and is very knowledgeable about the homes and the issues with the soil.

    You can contact Frank directly at 310-791-0123 to discuss your questions and concerns.


    Here is a link to the City of Torrance soil area guidelines:

    Here is a link to a MAP for the boundaries of the Torrance Expansive Soil Area:

    Here is a very useful link to Living in the Expansive Soils Area of Torrance: